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The Split-Up

OK, so I am sure you are all aware by now that Zac and Josh Farro have left Paramore, and I just wanted to give my opinion.

Firstly, when I first read this, I was pretty shocked. I didn’t cry, I didn’t even frown. I just read it and thought “Wow, that sucks. Oh well, the band will still go on!” Seeing people say on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. that they were crying seems like they were over-reacting to me. I am not gonna say that was a bad thing (you are entitled to your own opinion), but sometimes, people just need to be more mature.

Now, after thinking about this for a day, I can provide my insight about why they left:

  1. Josh got married, and he and his wife wanted to see each other more. Touring across the country (and the world) must have been hard because they were not able to see each other all the time. I know if I were in that situation, I would feel the same!
  2. They just were not happy with being in the band. Maybe they wanted to start a new project, or maybe just move on, we will never know the true answer. Either way, I wish them luck with whatever they choose to do now.
  3. Ever since the “Twitpic” incident, things overall seemed to not be going to well with the band as a whole. Based on what I have read, their meet-and-greets were less interactive, and overall not as great an experience.

Whether or not you agree with my thoughts is totally up to you, and I respect your opinions. Feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment. And no matter what, I still support them no matter what else happens! Paramore Is A Band!