Job Searching

So today, I got a phone call from a job recruiter at Insight Global for a contract position with State Farm Insurance in the Lancaster area doing installs, hardware support, etc. Turns out I’m not qualified because I don’t have a credit card! I was so close to getting the position too. Apparently I would have had to fly to Chicago for training, and would have needed a rental car (which requires a credit card and that you be over 25 years old). So either way, I would not have been able to do the contract work. This bothers me in 2 ways

  1. If I have a perfect driving record, and have held a license for 4 years, why can’t I rent a car until I turn 25?
  2. What does owning a credit card have to do with anything needed for having a job?
I must point out that I have a Fulton Bank Debit card, which I can also use anywhere Visa works. Also, why would I needed to fly to Chicago if the contract work would be in the Lancaster area? So confusing…

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