My Thoughts On The Hayley Williams Scandal

As you all probably know, a picture was posted to Hayley Williams personal Twitter account depicting what appears to be her lying in bed exposing her breasts. Within a minute, the image, along with the tweet, was removed from her timeline. Some people thought that it was the work of hackers (like I did). And others thought she actually posted it. However, I now have second thoughts as to whether or not it was a hacker, for a few reasons.

After the post was removed, I was able to find the image in my Firefox browser cache and save it to my computer. Using my image viewing program, I inspected the EXIF tags and found the following:

  • The photo was taken on Thursday, May 27th 2010 at 7:40:11 PM
  • The type of camera used was a Research In Motion BlackBerry 9000 (also known as the “Bold”)
  • No evidence of the image being photoshopped or edited in any way

On May 26th, Hayley tweeted that she bought a BlackBerry Bold ( In addition, she is dating Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. This for me seems suspicious. The EXIF tags match the kind of phone she bought, and the image COULD HAVE BEEN posted accidentally.

So, that is what I think of this incident. What you want to think of it is your opinion, and I could care less. However, I still support her as the lead singer of Paramore, and this WILL NOT change my views as a fan of the band.


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